Unspoken Words.

No matter how hard I resist, the sun rises again.

We became trapped and isolated inside each other’s mind.

And in that empty mind, the only question remained in the end,

is why.

Why did this happen?

There’s a line that weren’t supposed to cross.

But each of us already crossed that line a long time ago.

And I believed that was why we’re suffering.

I always thought that life just unfair to me. Have I told you this?

But not once I blamed you or tried to rely on you.

So please,

Tell me.

Just this once.

Why did this happen to me?


What am I supposed to do?

If I just dissapear,

Will this strange situation finally be over?

I think, however it is, I still can’t take my old back.

Now, I can even hate your smell. Just because it smelled like my own.

My mind thought that I was like a dead body.

I couldn’t ask anything to myself that day.

I wouldn’t have gotten an answer if I asked anyway.

Because the dead don’t speak.

My mind left my dead body behind and turned away.

Ahh, yap. This is why I liked being drunk.

I can see myself fall asleep as if I was dead.

It was peaceful.

Like I was before.

I’m a terrible liar. Or maybe it’s just a lie and I’m just really good at it.